I Want To Help You...

If it beeps and blinks I can probably help you with that. I've been a bit of a tech nerd my whole life. I always seem to be the go to guy when people have a tech issue so I figured why not make it official. I want to be your 24x7 go to tech support guy.

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Do You Have A Website?

If you don't have a website I can build one for you. If you have an existing website I can help you make it better. If you're looking for better web hosting I can help you with that as well.

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My Hacker Den

I have a bunch of computers, switches, routers and other miscellaneous computer hardware in my Hacker Den at this time. If you need help with a computer I can probably help you. The operating system I prefer is Linux and GNU Free Software and I highly recommend it for you too. If you run Windows or Mac OS I can help you with those as well because I have those too. If you're interested in learning more about GNU/Linux check out my Linux User Goup.

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Get Support Now

Use one or more of the methods below to contact me.

Live Video Call Support

If you want to have a live video call with me and show me the problem I recommend using Jitsi. Jitsi is a video conferencing software like Zoom. You can visit https://meet.jit.si/askwaynenow using your web browser or download the app for your phone.

Live Chat

Use the live chat program at the bottom right of the website to chat with me.